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The EA888G2 OEM maximum operating pressure is 200 bar or just over .

 At stock power levels, this is adequate for proper atomization and fuel mass delivery into the cylinders. With increased power demands through tuning and hardware upgrades, the fuel system is pushed to its limits to provide the requested fuel mass. With VIS’s high pressure fuel pump, your tuner has the capability to increase fuel pressure levels to beyond 240 bar!


We use brand-new Hitachi/OEM units as cores with custom internal components. Each matched set of piston and sleeve is precision machined, ground to strict dimensional tolerances.


This eliminates the need for a special tool, bearing separator, and hydraulic press during the installation process saving you both time and money while retaining your original fuel pump for when you want to move on to the next project!


EA888G2 1.8 2.0 TFSI TSI 06J127025

PriceFrom €810.00
Sales Tax Included
    • OEM HPFP Maximum 200 bar 
    • VIS HPFP Tested Reliably Over 240 Bar
    • Crucial Upgrade for All Stage 3 Cars and not only
    • Increased Fuel Flow Rates = More Reliability
    • Upgraded Brand New OEM Units
    • Bolt-On Installation Perfect for DIY (No need for special tools/equipment)
  • ALL E888G2 ENGINES 06J127025E

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