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  •  50% more surface area and is capable of over 150bar of pressure.
  •  Ready for big turbo applications or just for stock power giving 1200hp capability 

  •  Piston head optimized for ideal fuel flow direction
  •  Piston surface hardened and heat treated in 2 different stages including a special coating
  •  Laser marked for better traceability and protecting from fake replica
  • Diameter standard piston: 10mm, diameter upgrade piston 12mm
  • Less wear and friction thanks to DLC coating
  • 50 % more power than standard pump
  • A must for tuned TFSI engines
  • Tested up to 8500 RPM
  • Installation Plug & Play

Kit consists of two pieces


EA824 4.0TFSI V8TT C7 S6/RS6/S7/RS7/S8 -2 complete pumps

Excluding Sales Tax
  • - clearence at top of piston 0.001-0.00015

    - deviation of circularity max 0.001mm

    - 370-450hb before rectification

    - nitrided at depth of 0.15-0.25

    - hardness of hv10-760-860 kgf/mm2 after nitriding

    - 34mocr11 STAS 791-1988 special aged steel

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