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Launching today our latest part made for BMW owners to prevent any future failures!

After over a year of research and development!


BMW S55 M3/M4 One Piece Crank Hub / CrankHub /4 pin solution 

Issues relating to the standard three-piece crank hub on the S55 & N55 engine are (unfortunately) widely known, but these are fully addressed with the installation of the Vis Motorsport one-piece billet Crank Hub together .

The OE crank hub unit's friction plate are known to slip, causing the timing to alter enough that piston-to-valve contact can occur and, if not totally standard and within the warranty period, leaves owners with a very expensive repair bill!

We have developed this one-piece Crank Hub to ensure owners have complete peace of mind, whether on an untuned factory car or equally for those that wish to increase the power and torque output significantly without ever having to worry again!


Excluding Sales Tax
  • BMW F80 M3 (2015 +)

    BMW F82 M4 (2015 +)

    BMW F82 M2 Competition (2019 +)

    The items in this kit are compiled specifically for the BMW S55 engine and therefore will fit any other unlisted models that use a BMW S55 engine

    Highly recommended to have a professional install this, as hole size & true positioning are critical for function and durability.

    Warranty is only applicable on a defect to the part. We do not warranty engine failures due to incorrect installation. If drilling is not correctly done during installation the result will be failure to the part itself and possibly the engine.

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