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  •  20% more surface area and is capable of over 150bar of pressure.
  •  Ready for big turbo applications or just for stock power giving another 10 bar fuel rail pressure and some extra hp.(without SW upgrade)

  •  Piston head optimized for ideal fuel flow direction
  •  Piston surface hardened and heat treated in 2 different stages
  •  Laser marked for better traceability and protecting from fake replica
  •  It comes with fully detailed instructions including step by step fitting images.

  • Each HPFP internal kit is sold as a rebuild kit only(not complete unit),but you send us your pump. We’ll inspect it, rebuild it, test it, and ship it back if you are not able to install! Either you can choose from our new complete units.

EA824 4.0TFSI V8TT C7 S6/RS6/S7/RS7/S8 C7 2 kits included

Sales Tax Included
  • - clearence at top of piston 0.001-0.00015

    - deviation of circularity max 0.001mm

    - 370-450hb before rectification

    - nitrided at depth of 0.15-0.25

    - hardness of hv10-760-860 kgf/mm2 after nitriding

    - 34mocr11 STAS 791-1988 special aged steel

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