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100% quality assurance tested, more responsive, less expensive, easier to install.
HPFP protection shield to protect the delicate electronics of the sensor within the high pressure fuel pump from vibrations caused by the engine cover.
A failed sensor will result in loss of performance and stalling issues due to over/under fueling. The sensor is integrated within the high pressure fuel pump and cannot be changed separately, requiring a complete HPFP replacement at considerable cost.
This protection shield overcomes this problem by creating a barrier between the HPFP to stop the engine cover making contact with it and thus preserving the life of the HPFP

Material & Color:

Material: made of high quality Brushed Stainless Steel

Color: Brushed Stainless Steel


Sales Tax Included
  • Fits all timing belt-driven 2.0 TFSI engines including:
    For 06-08 VW Golf MKV GTI/GLI.
    For 12-13 VW Golf R.
    For 06-08 VW 1F7 Eos.
    For 06-08 VW B6 Passat.
    For 06-08 Audi 8P A3/S3.
    For 06-08 Audi MKII TT.
    For 05-08 Seat Leon.
    Designed to compliment your Silicone Hose's or engine bay .etc
    Fits all 2.0TFSi like Audi S3, TT, MK5 Golf GTi and Leon Cupra .etc

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